Entebbe townEntebbe Town sprawls along the shores of Lake Victoria with a clean, civilized and quiet atmosphere close to that of Metropolis or Hawaii in Europe. which makes Entebbe hotels one of the most sought after accommodation in the Pearl Of Africa most especially for ttravelers arriving in from the airport. Entebbe town offers a more appealing introduction to Uganda as compared to Kampala City (capital of Uganda) with beautiful sand beaches, botanical gardens, birds, black and white colobus monkeys playing around in the gardens among other potential attractions making a visit to this pretty Lake shore resort worthy.

Brief History of Entebbe : The word Entebbe is derived from a Luganda phrase "Entebbe za Mugala" with the word Entebbe meaning Chairs or Headquarters and Mugala meaning Leader of the Lung Fish Clan hence the whole phrase meaning "Head quarters of the Leader of the Lung fish clan". Entebbe was used as as an administrative capital by the British during the colonization of Uganda due to the fact that Entebbe was a well sheltered port with good harbors which promoted and eased transportation of goods, services and people from the coast to Entebbe and back hence this attracted not only the British administrators but also other European residents and business men which made Entebbe town a famous destination and residence of most Europeans wanting to stay in Uganda or looking for accommodation in Uganda as still evidenced to-date.

W. E Hoyle: He described the town as the "Metropolis" of Uganda.

Sir Frederick T : Entebbe is a kind associated with a deck chair on a shady verandah, chink of ice on the glass, smoke of a Cigar

Others: Clean, tidy and civilized with good botanical gardens and roads with no dust. Some describe it as a town where you can have a breath taking views of the islands on Lake victoria, Sun setting on the Lake, deep blue skies and good tropical vegetation.


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Sitiated in Najjanankimbi, Kampala in Najja Shopping Center- Along Kampala- Entebbe Highway
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